Pin Registration Systems
for manual and automatic presses

"Now anyone in your shop can register screens accurately off-press so your press operator can keep printing high-profit work almost non-stop. In less than 10 minutes your operator can insert a new set of pre-registered, multi-color screens and continue printing in precise register!"

— Mike Vasilantone

Model VRS Pin Registration Systems for manual and automatic presses
Model VRS Pin Registration Systems for manual and automatic presses

Make $50 to $600 extra per job by registering screens
off-press instead of on-press with a Vastex Registration System


The Vastex Registration System (VRS) is an ultra-fast and -accurate pin registration system that enables anyone to locate positives onto the screens off-press — then locate the screens onto any rear clamp screen printing press with all colors in register — in 4 easy steps:

  1. Attach your positives to setup sheets in register, using the alignment grid/pinboard
  2. Locate and attach your positives in register to your screens using a Vastex pin board with screen stops
  3. Burn all your screens on any exposure unit in register
  4. Locate and clamp each screen onto your press in register using the Vastex pallet jig and its corresponding screen stops — ready to print in less than 3 minutes per screen!


Larger shops can boost output dramatically by moving screen registration from the printing department to the art department!

One-man shops can slash the time and increase the accuracy of screen registration from one to 10 colors!

All shops can:

  • Cut overall registration time and lost profits by 70% to 90%
  • Improve registration accuracy and print quality
  • Reduce rejects
  • Create a registration standard for your shop — no more guesswork or random placements
  • Recoup the investment in less than one week!